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POWER SATURDAY SUMMIT is a truly groundbreaking online event by YourFitWay, which will deliver a virtual and interactive conference, to YFW business partners around the world. The event is designed to help you in scaling your business. We will discuss challenges, focus on finding solutions and show you amazing opportunities. A group of speakers will share their expertise and practices on how to build a solid online business and boost your income. Join us and watch the summit on your laptop or smartphone at home.

Global Logistic app

Global App

Since its launch in May, 2020, YourFitWay has gained over 40.000 users from around the world taking part in the 10.000 steps challenge.

Innovative idea

With YourFitWay App you can combine business with pleasure and earn money on the simplest activity you do on a daily basis so just walking.

Profitable opportunity

Our business makes full use of new opportunities: the digital industry growing 6 x faster than any other sector, the importance of global marketing and sustainable subscription model.

Meet our speakers

Top experts every entrepreneur should follow

Daniel Kubach


CEO, Business Angel

Daniel has been professionally involved in business and investing in innovative projects as a business angel since 1999. He is a mentor, coach, and effective manager. He has an MA degree in management psychology. He also completed an executive MBA at Rotterdam School of Management.He started from scratch. He gives lectures, training courses, and consultations. He is the author of 6 books on business.Together with his team, they have been creating the international company -  YFW since March 2020.

Daniel Konieczny


CMO, Investor

Result Coach and investor in an innovative MLM project with a global reach of the digital health industry. His passion is working with people with whom he shares his knowledge and experiences. He has collaborated, studied, and even performed on stages with people such as: Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and others. For over 12  years he has been dealing with Business Coaching. He has trained, Peter Robbins (former Prime Minister of Ireland), also Tom Smyth and John B. and - a billionaire from the UK, that still receives lessons from him.

Tomasz Pawlak



He is 46, father of two who mean the world to him, 23 years married to a remarkable woman. He was working 12 years as sales director responsible for Eastern Europe, has launched 2 companies in traditional businesses, which are doing well till today making couples of millions a year. He has 20 years of experience in Network Marketing. He was training, recruiting, mentoring, inspiring people on 4 different continents in 42 countries. In the last 2 companies, he broke whole world records reaching the position of 7 figure earner.

Power Saturday Summit Agenda

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What people say about us

I think YourFitWay is an excellent opportunity because the concept is just exceptional, innovative, and above all, it touches health! Let's not forget that more than 7 billion people WALK in the world. In summary: LET’S LINK THE USEFUL TO THE PLEASURE
I think YFW is a great opportunity for me because I believe in the YFW mission, I like to work with the board members, I can learn a lot about the business.
I am convinced that we will build here a powerful team of enterprising people who care about their greatest treasure, which is health. I am really happy to be able to take an active part in YourFitWay! There are many wonderful moments ahead of us and making our dreams come true
It is something new in the market. This app is a great solution to today's time. Everything today has moved to the online world, so we have the business of the future!


Innovative digital product

YourFitWay is a profitable digital product to sell online. An amazing thing about the App is that literally, anyone can sell it. And… it is not just a simple step tracker because YourFitWay combines walking, game, and rewards, which makes every walk an adventure!

Predictable revenue stream

According to experts: 75% of organizations selling direct to consumers will offer subscription services by 2023. YourFitWay adopted recurring payments model thanks to which one our business partners can create a predictable future revenue stream.

High expansion opportunities

In our business environment it does not matter where you are. We allow you to get customers globally with no limits. Once you have a customer locked in for a trial, YourFitWay App has an opportunity to prove its worth to the customers and make them want more and more.

Strong and supportive team

We have built an international team of talented individuals understanding that there is a path from 0$ to 1 million $. They are hard-working business leaders who always see challenges as opportunities. Thanks to them, we believe that only sky is the limit.


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